About your host

I’m founder of a music tech start-up and a former executive in the radio industry. The past 3 years I’ve been booking live music and producing shows in town. I also produce a weekly show called ‘Comedians Interviewing Musicians’. Follow me on Instagram at @kpotrafka and @musicfirsthand. #atxmusiccrawl Due to so much demand, occasionally my business partners Brenda or Ben will jump in. Both are well immersed in the Austin music scene. Our styles are very similar… we want you to feel like you’re meeting up with an old friend to show you around the Austin music scene.

What we’ll do

Join us on an ATX Music Crawl! Austin is the live music capital of the world and on a typical day, there are over 100 live music performances! It’s overwhelming to find the perfect live music for your night out. Where to start?! Read through dozens of show listings, stare down a long list of band names you’re not familiar with, and then comb through hundreds of venues to see if it’s your scene. After all that you’re ready for Netflix! Let me help! How it works: First, let me know the type of music you love and you’re kind of scene. Second, I’ll do the research and recommend the right spots. With mixed groups, I’ll do my best to accommodate everyone, but give preference to first booking. Third, we meet at the first show! From there, I try to maximize our time seeing live music together for the evening. I’m usually flexible on the start/end times. Message me if you want to adjust the times. I can typically fit in 3 shows, but that all depends on your interests. This isn’t a typical tour. There are no awkward icebreakers and I don’t parade the group through venues. I try to keep the limit to 4 (with exceptions, of course) so it’s a personal and intimate experience!

What else you should know

I will publish the itinerary the morning of the Experience and let you know the venue we’re meeting at for live music. Using a rideshare such as Ride Austin is best for transportation between venues

What I’ll provide

I’ll have basic earplugs with me, just in case you love live loud music!

What to bring

Remember to have cash handy. Some venues charge a door cover, typically $5-10. And it’s always respectful to tip the musicians!